The Product List


English lamb loin chops

English double chops

English lamb leg steaks

English lamb neck fillets

English lamb cutlets

English rack of lamb

English lamb chump chops

English diced lamb

English butterflied leg of lamb

English lamb noisette

English stewing lamb

English leg of lamb

English shoulder of lamb

English lamb mince

English lambs liver

English lambs kidneys


Individual beef wellington

Scottish rump steak

Scottish sirloin steak

Scottish fillet steak

Scottish ribeye steak

Scottish topside

Scottish prime rib of beef

Scottish chuck steak

Scottish leg of beef

Scottish diced beef

Scottish minced beef

Steak and kidney


Free range pork chops

Free range pork steaks

Free range pork tenderloin

Free range diced pork

Free range pork belly slices

Free range pork belly

Free range pork spareribs chops

Free range boneless pork shoulder steaks

Free range leg of pork

Free range shoulder of pork

Free range stuffed pork noisette

Free range loin of pork

Free range boned rolled loin of pork


Whole chickens

Skin on chicken Supremes

Boneless chicken fillet

Chicken leg portions

Chicken thighs

Chicken drumsticks

Chicken cushions

Chicken breasts in lemon and coriander

Chicken wings

Chicken parcels with sage and onion and sausage meat stuffing

Bacon & Gammon

Bacon lardons

Smoked back bacon

Smoked streaky bacon

Green back bacon

Green streaky bacon

Gammon steaks

Whole Gammons

Gammon joints

Gamma knuckles


Pork leek

Old English




Pork and caramelised red onion

Traditional plain

Pork and chilli

Tomato and basil

Pork and Appel

Lamb mint and apricot

Cold Meats

Pork pie

Steak and kidney

Mince beef and onion

Cornish pasty

Sausage rolls

Scotch eggs

Home cooked ham

Corned beef

Liver sausage

Black pudding

Local Game

Local wild rabbits



Wild ducks

Diced mixed game

Haunch of venison

Venison steak


Veal escalope

Veal chops

Calves liver

Veal shin